About Hannah Hirshfield, LMHCA

Health, Wellness & Nutrition Specialist in Liberty Lake, WA

Hannah Hirshfield, LMHCA

Much of my childhood was spent chasing the ideals perpetuated by diet culture and societal norms. To matter and have worth, I had to be skinny. I often felt self-conscious and struggled with negative self talk and unhealthy beliefs.

Fast forward to high school where I signed up for women’s conditioning. I still remember the feeling when I went from barely being able to lift the bar, to being able to bench press 120# by the end of my class. I started to realize that what my body could do was separate from my appearance. Weightlifting became a newfound passion.

Around the same time, I also started playing ice hockey. Tagging along with my brother to the hockey store, I met a girl there who also played, and she encouraged me to come give it a try. I found that I loved it and started playing on both youth hockey teams and a local women’s team. The camaraderie and the drive for improvement fueled my passion for hockey, a love that endures today.   One of the things I find incredibly important is finding the activity or activities you love to do, because those are the ones you will stick to. I love encouraging my clients to find “their thing”.  

As I was transitioning to college, I discovered yoga as I was wanting to increase my flexibility. What I ended up loving the most with was the mindfulness and meditation aspects of yoga. Yoga helped me to build awareness of the mind and body connection, reducing stress, and the ability to regulate the nervous system. I went on to obtain my yoga teacher training. My areas of focus include restorative, power, and supporting those with trauma and PTSD.

My passion for learning led me to discover the Health Fitness Technician program at Spokane Falls Community College where I then went on to obtain my Bachelors in Exercise Science from Eastern Washington University. I then earned certifications as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA-CSCS) and a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

I spent 7 years in the Washington, DC area, working as a personal trainer and yoga instructor. During this time, I also completed my Pilates training which provided me with more training and insight on the mind and body connection. During this time I enjoyed working with a diverse clientele including military members and clients from around the world.

Thirteen years ago, I became a mom, this experience significantly influenced my coaching approach. The experience of motherhood has provided me with valuable knowledge and personal insights that I consistently draw upon when guiding others. The journey through pregnancy expanded my views on health and fitness, prompting a shift in how I approached exercise from a punitive perspective to one focused on enhancing well-being. Learning to love and care for my body and utilizing nutrition for health, rather than fixating on achieving a specific size, became fundamental aspects of my evolving philosophy.

As a mom of two, my passion for learning about health, wellness, and nutrition persisted. Balancing healthy living and workouts during motherhood proved to be a significant challenge. In navigating this, I developed numerous strategies for incorporating workouts, self-care, and healthy food into a busy mom's lifestyle. This process was also a lesson in letting go of perfectionism.

I am driven by a passion for guiding individuals towards a balanced and fulfilling life, I decided to expand my scope by returning to school to pursue a master’s in clinical Mental Health Counseling and graduated last fall. Committed to a holistic approach that acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual's journey, I am particularly devoted to providing health coaching through a shame free lens, fostering a supportive and empowering environment for those I work with.