Group Weight Management

Group Weight Management services offered in Liberty Lake, WA

Group Weight Management

Group weight management creates a tiny community of people who face the same challenges and share similar goals. At Inclusa Health and Wellness, PLLC in Liberty Lake, Washington, board-certified obesity medicine specialist Stephanie Persondek, DO, and her team manage groups because having the support of nonjudgmental, like-minded people significantly increases your chances of losing weight, reaching your healthy weight, and keeping it off for the long run. Don’t wait to call Inclusa Health and Wellness, PLLC to learn if they currently have an opening in a group or connect online to learn more.

What is group weight management?

Group weight management involves three or more people who share similar challenges and goals. Some groups are led by a weight-loss professional who introduces topics, provides information, and guides the conversation. Other groups may be self-directed instead of having a formal leader.

What are the benefits of group weight management?

Having a weight-loss partner significantly increases your chances of success. When you join a group, you automatically gain several partners who offer support and encouragement.

Groups create a unique interpersonal dynamic that works well for people working to lose weight. When you join a group, you get insight from others, learning how they dealt with the same issues you face and discovering pitfalls and ways to avoid them. 

Many people continue group weight management after reaching their healthy weight. You’re more likely to keep the weight off with the ongoing support a group provides.

One of the biggest benefits of a group is being around people who truly understand your challenges, don’t judge, and don’t require explanations.

Groups create a community you can depend on whether you have a weight loss victory to celebrate or need motivation to get over a roadblock.

How can I join group weight management?

The Inclusa Health and Wellness, PLLC team continuously has group meetings and frequently starts new groups. Check with the team to see if they have a group matching your specific needs.

If they don’t have openings in an existing group, or the current groups don’t meet your unique needs, they may be able to connect with others who would be a good fit for you and see if they can start a new group.

What if I’m uncomfortable in group settings?

You’re not alone if you don’t feel comfortable in a group setting. Many people are hesitant to join a group and talk about their experiences.

However, nearly everyone feels comfortable after going to a few meetings and getting to know others in the group. You will soon feel at home as you realize the comfort and relief of sharing with others who understand.

Don’t face your weight loss journey alone. Call Inclusa Health and Wellness, PLLC today or connect online to learn about their weight-loss groups.