Health Coaching

Health Coaching services offered in Liberty Lake, WA

Health Coaching

Health coaching supports your weight loss and promotes your overall health with personalized care that includes meal and exercise recommendations, support for improving lifestyle habits, and encouragement along the way. At Inclusa Health and Wellness, PLLC in Liberty Lake, Washington, board-certified obesity medicine specialist and OB/GYN Stephanie Persondek, DO, and her team include health coaching as an essential part of your medical weight-loss program. Call the office today or connect online to schedule a consultation and learn how health coaching can transform your weight loss journey.

What is health coaching?

Health coaching is an individualized service focused on improving your health and well-being. Your coach identifies your challenges and lifestyle habits that negatively influence your weight. Then, they work with you to create goals and a plan to reach them. 

What type of health coaching will I receive?

Inclusa Health and Wellness, PLLC partners with inHealth Lifestyle Therapeutics, an online integrative coaching service. You connect with your inHealth coach every week or two, using their app to meet from the comfort of home (or wherever you happen to be).

After your visit, your inHealth coach writes notes about your session and sends them to your Inclusa Health and Wellness, PLLC provider. This process ensures everyone on your team works together to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

What should I expect during a health coaching session?

Your inHealth coach learns about your progress, discusses roadblocks you encounter, answers your questions, and offers guidance. Maybe most importantly, they motivate you when you feel stuck.

Having a personal connection with a coach is incredibly empowering. Your coach gives you the personal touch and extra nudge you may sometimes need to stick with your weight-loss plan.

Health coaches also provide invaluable help for two of the biggest weight-loss roadblocks: emotional and behavioral challenges and daily habits.

Emotional and behavioral challenges

Many people find that emotions trigger unhealthy behaviors like overeating. This isn’t about self-control because the emotions come from your subconscious and cause eating behaviors you’re unaware you follow.

Emotional challenges may begin with a parent insisting you eat all the food on your plate. You may frequently default to fast food because of long hours at work or turn to food when you feel depressed, angry, or stressed.

Identifying and changing these behaviors on your own is very difficult, but your health coach can help.

Daily habits

Unlike subconscious issues, you knowingly make choices every day that determine your eating habits and affect your weight. For example, you know you should turn down sweets, but you don’t. Daily habits are incredibly hard to change.

Your inHealth coach helps by holding you accountable and recommending strategies for changing your habits.

Don’t wait to call Inclusa Health and Wellness, PLLC or connect online to schedule health coaching for weight loss.