About Dr. Kyle Varner, MD

in Liberty Lake, WA

Kyle Varner, MD

Dr. Kyle Varner, MD grew up in Spokane, WA.  He holds a BA in Liberal Arts from St John's College, and attended medical school at American University of Antigua College of Medicine.  He then completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, HI.

Since graduating residency in 2016, Dr. Varner has practiced hospital medicine in a variety of settings across the United States.  He is currently seeking his board certification in Obesity Medicine, and he plans to sit for his boards this fall.

He developed a special interest in obesity medicine because of his own life-long struggle with obesity.  His approach to obesity medicine combines his background as a board certified internist with his own experience as a patient, and he is passionate about helping his patients achieve their goals and lead their best lives.

When he is not taking care of patients, he enjoys travel and equestrian sports.  Most recently, he has taken up learning the sport of polo.